Brew Review – Sound Machine by Beat Culture

I am desperately trying not to make any Gloria Estefan references in this article.

I guess it’s not entirely difficult seeing as Beat Culture has embraced and promoted Miami culture in much the way the Estefan family helped to popularize it a few decades ago. And while beer was not necessarily a part of that explosion from Dade County, breweries are making absolutely sure it’s going to be an integral part of what it is in the future.

And it’s fun, especially for people like Beat Culture who came to enjoy making bold, flavorful beers without drowning in an excessive hype machine some breweries tend to want to live in. It’s been fun to see everything that’s going on with Beat Culture, and even if I don’t live in Miami, their beers like Sound Machine (IPA, 7.7% ABV) are as close as you can get just by cracking open a can.

This beer is most definitely for the tropical IPA lover. It was brewed with hundreds of pounds of mangoes, along with vanilla and lactose, a new yet solid entry into the newfangled Milkshake IPA realm.

And you know you’re in for something special the moment you start pouring the beer, because this thing comes out like a nectar. It is thick, it is chewy, and it is roughly the color of a gum eraser, maybe a little darker.

But there is no mistaking the mango anywhere, especially once you drink it. It’s got a heavy mango sweetness, which isn’t necessarily sweet as it is sweet & meaty all at once. There’s a nice touch of milky creaminess that comes from the vanilla and lactose, but they don’t get any in the way of any fruit flavors. It seems that those additions really help the mouthfeel a little bit more then they do create new flavors of their own. There’s a slight sharp tang of hops as well, bringing a bit of dankness that the mango plays with very nicely. It’s almost the perfect Miami beer, a nod to its past while embracing the present and making sure it stays ahead of the curve.

It may be bizarre for people outside the county to understand, but if you know Beat Culture, this is simply part for the course for them. A lovely refreshing beer bursting with the tropical wonderland that is Miami.

Drink Florida Craft,


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