Brew Review – Audrey II by Lost City Brewing @LostCityBrewing

Color me just a little bit confused.

For being in North Miami Beach, I love the general theme Lost City Brewing, an outfit that has been on the festival circuit for years and recently opened their doors to visitors, cultivates. There’s something about that whole El Dorado/Indiana Jones/Legends of the Hidden Temple vibe that I absolutely love.

And yet here I am with a Hibiscus Saison inspired by either 1) a cheesy Roger Corman horror film with Jack Nicholson in a bit part, or 2) a relatively amazing musical remake of said movie Ashman and Menken did before ushering in the second golden age of Disney animated musicals.

Add to that the label art that I thought had a picture of Audrey II, the villain from that movie and musical, and yet upon closer inspection I get a hyper-realistic Piranha Plant, just waiting to swallow Mario and or Luigi whole. There’s a lot going on with Audrey 2 (Hibiscus Saison, 6.5% ABV).

That, however, is nothing compared to the beer inside. Like all of the references hidden on the label, everything inside the beer brings warm fuzzy feelings to the drinker. It has a beautiful golden color, crisp and absolutely crystal clear. The aroma has interesting notes of orange, papaya, guava, and apple.

The flavor has a lot going for it. It starts off with a nice fruity bang of tart floral hibiscus mixed with tropical fruit, and that is quickly joined by a malt bill that has a solid touch of caramel and biscuit. But all of that subsides a bit, and you’re left with a little bit more of a mature tropical fruit quality mixed with a bit of the hibiscus tartness.

Other hibiscus beers tend to let the tartness go wild, and here it’s been forcibly required to play nice with all the other flavors. It is a welcome and suprisingly refreshing beer, incredibly complex and a lot more mature than the name might suggest.

Does it make me want to play Skid Row from the musical? Absolutely. I’ll probably be looking for the old Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon later on, but in the meantime I have an enjoyable beer to finish.

And then, I don’t know, maybe a warp pipe or two.

Drink Florida Craft,


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