Brew Review – DeKnightful by Oveido Brewing @OveidoBrewingCo

There’s a lot of good fun to be had if you travel north of Orlando. I just never did it.

There was too much going on where I was. And if we did travel, it was west to Tampa.

But north is where a lot of great things are happening, especially in craft beer. Plenty of great places to stop at before you hit Daytona (reminder: I must go Sanfording soon).

One of those places is Oveido. If you’ve never heard of it, I’m not entirely shocked. It’s north of the Knights of UCF, and home to Oveido Brewing in the Oveido Mall. With a rather regal (and chicken-infested) logo, it’s clearly a fun place to eat and drink.

Here I pause, as we must talk about the chickens in the logo. Oveido has a large wild chicken population. They just sort of hang out around downtown, apparently near a Popeyes in a cruel twist of irony. It’s a very Florida thing to do, as Ybor and Key West have large populations as well.

Back to the brewery. Interestingly enough, they describe themselves as a restaurant first, but the beer game is getting strong enough to where they’re getting a canning game, and those cans are starting to gain traction and statewide distribution.

I love the design of their Kali IPA, but I am starting with DeKnightful (Belgian Tripel, 9.4% ABV). Yes, it is a clear homage to the nearby UCF Knights. But … with the head of a chicken. Because Oveido has to Oveido, apparently.

The beer is an absolute classic. It has a bright golden color, and a delicately sweet aroma of tropical fruit and bubblegum laced with that unique Belgian funk.

The flavor goes a step further, with flavors of papaya, mango, biscuit, candy, and the odd sock thrown in, all of which dance on a veritable bounce house (!) of carbonated goodness. It’s bready and soft, not so delicate to deny its flavors, but not harsh at all. It hides it’s 9.4% ABV quite well.

Is it worth getting if you can find it? Absolutely. I am all for Belgian-style beers when they are done well, and this is definitely done well. My only hope is that I can get to Oveido soon to try more of their stuff.

And to see the chickens.

Drink Florida Craft,


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