Brew Review – Halfway Crooks by Beat Culture

That agriculture is so much fun to play with, especially when you get to make some delicious beers with it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the boat on the label for Halfway Crooks (Gose, 6.5% ABV) from Beat Culture are trying to get away so fast: Fruit theft.

I’m not saying that happened, I’m just saying that might be an interesting story and a heck of a lot more unique than a pile of cocaine.

Or maybe they stole a case of the beer, which I guess I can understand with how absolutely tasty it is.

This is a mango lover’s dream, and I love mango, so it’s perfect. Mango has an interesting pineapple and brown sugar-like flavor, without the acidic punch pineapple carries. The beer highlights that to great effect, tasting very fresh and fruity with a big tropical flavor that envelops every sip.

I like the fact that they used sea salt as well, since it gave the gose a bit of an earthy quality that who plays with the mango and sort of beefs it up a little. It’s not salty, but you can definitely taste where the sea salt is accentuating the fruit. A light malt bill and noble hops keep the beer very soft and unassuming. This was a beer that was formulated for the fruit, and it does a great job showing it off.

It’s been a lot of fun to watch Beat Culture play with tropical fruits flavors, and they’re doing a fantastic job at it. The flavors meld really well, and you can taste how well thought out and planned the experience was going to be.

My only problem is they can’t park a cigarette boat at a dock by the brewery. That would be amazing.

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