Brew Review – Kral by Magnanimous Brewing

I am intrigued by the giant face that is the mascot for Tampa’s new Magnanimous Brewing.

Part Easter Island head, part King of all Cosmos from Katamari Damacy, he is big, he is mustachioed, and he is jolly in a slightly imposing way.

Does he have a name? How long has he been ruling? These questions and more may never be answered, at least until I get Magnanimous on the Florida Beer Podcast.

In the meantime, we shall bask in his unceasing gaze as he peers from the labels of beers like Kral (Czech-style Pilsner, 5% ABV).

Turkish for king, Kral is, as said on the label, is inspired by their favorite Czech-style Pilsner. Judging by the green and gold colors on the label, it is difficult to miss what pilsner they are talking about.

But with this style, what you get is a super-crispy, lemony biscuit aroma coming from an ample backbone of pilsner malt, which also lends a deep golden color to the beer.

The flavor comes with a hop bite, as the Saaz hops are able to maintain a little bit of strength as they swim in floral notes with grapefruit and lemon.

It’s a simple beer and one that can be easily drank. It’s also a wonderfully delicious way to honor to those who came before and those who are with us now.

Long may they reign.

Drink Florida Craft,


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