Brew Review – April 2021 Beers at The Tank Brewing @TheTankBrewing

Someday I will learn how to properly pace my beers.

Back at The Tank recently, and very excited to have been interviewing Jose Luis Plasencia, vice president and fifth-generation member of the storied Plasencia family. We sat down with him and The Tank founder (and friend of the blog) Carlos Patron for a good interview coming soon to the Florida Beer Podcast.

Since we were talking cigars, and of course smoking cigars, it’s good to get some nice beers to stand up to those cigars. And I decided to start light, choosing Trust The Process (Wheat Ale, 6.5% ABV).

It’s a tart wheat ale, showered with an inoculation of lactobacillus. But it’s kept in check and you get a very refreshing beer, light with delicious tropical fruit notes of pineapple and papaya that are spiked just a bit with a slight twinge of tartness.

When that was over, I went completely off the deep end with Debonair (Imperial Stout, 11.5% ABV).

Hear me out on this: Look at cigar accounts on social media. Apart from seeing people oddly photographing a spread of every single piece of equipment they are about to use, cigars are usually paired with some sort of bourbon or sherry or whiskey.

Debonair is The Tank’s house imperial stout Frank the Tank, aged for 32 months in Pedro Jimenez Sherry and Scotch whiskey barrels, then blended. It was the closest thing I was going to accept when it comes to a spirit and boy, was this phenomenal.

As an imperial stout, it has a lot of body without any heaviness. Usually, a double-digit imperial stout comes with a healthy alcohol burn and a mouthfeel that pours like motor oil.

This isn’t that. What you get is a moderate body (it’s an imperial stout after all), but along with a great aroma of plum, raisin, and cocoa flavors there’s also a delectable undercurrent of vanilla, wine, and oak, plus a touch more from the Sherry than the whiskey. It is very spirit-heavy without being boozy, flavorful without being overly complicated, and very decadent.

I didn’t realize we’re going to go for a third one, and after the bomb that was Debonair, I wanted a friendly, simple amber lager. I love Amber ales, and to see it lager was quite enjoyable. That beer was No Call No Show (Amber Lager, 5.6% ABV), a collaboration with MIA that tells me something interesting happened in the span of that collaboration.

This Amber really helps from the lagering, as there’s a softness and smoothness that really helps the toasted bread notes and malt sweetness mellow and shine for a soft and relaxing beer. It’s very similar to some of the other lagers that The Tank has been releasing lately, all of which I’ve been enjoying quite a bit.

The Tank continues to surprise me with the breadth of their brewing. Plus all of them seem to be perfectly brewed to pair with a great Plasencia cigar. Definitely a trip I need to do again.

Or I can just move in.

Drink Florida Craft,


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