Brew Review – Sunbrella by Beat Culture

Not too long ago, I did a review of Halfway Crooks from Miami’s Beat Culture, a mango and sea salt gose. From the looks of it, those crooks got away and are relaxing on the beach, as evidenced by its sister beer Sunbrella (Gose, 6% ABV).

Whereas the previous beer had mango, Sunbrella features passionfruit. And it’s a perfect celebration of the fruit.

It’s not a fruit for everyone, and I know plenty of people in my life that I do not care for passionfruit at all due to its tart and sweet nature.

This beer has it in spades, though. The aroma starts off with a big blast of that tartness, almost like a sweet tart without so much of the sweet.

But whatever you think the aroma has, the flavor brings it forward tenfold. It’s the sea salt in the gose that grabs hold and throws it deep into your taste buds. There’s a strong note of tartness, almost making it a sour beer, but stepping just shy of completing the task.

It’s a flavorful beer, incredibly fun to drink, and quintessentially Miami. There’s a great amount of fruit and tartness, easy for even a staid cocktail drinker to pick up and enjoy.

Even if thee didn’t just so happen to commit grand larceny on the label of the previous beer.

Drink Florida Craft,


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