Brew Review – Nutty Break by Yeasty Brews

It is always fun getting to visit a new brewery. Even if I can’t stay for very long, just knowing it’s there and being able to walk in and patronize another outpost of craft beer is something that warms my heart.

Broward County just got this with the opening of Yeasty Brews, a fantastic new spot in Lauderhill. It’s just off State Road 7, anchoring and hopefully improving a strip mall that seems to have seen better days.

It’s the brainchild and a labor of love for Denielle Mizrahi and her husband, Daniel Pfaffenbach, both of whom were manning the taproom on my recent visit.

As an aside, it’s a fun jump into their social media to look at this former office and everything they’ve done with it, taking the space from cubicle hell to craft beer heaven.

Of course, Daniel’s rather interesting culinary style of craft beer is well on display here, as I got with a pour of their Nutty Break (Imperial Stout, 8.5% ABV).

It’s an imperial by way of biscotti, with caramel and hazelnuts. For a brewery whose signature beer tastes like banana cream pie, I’m not shocked at all. And I’m not shocked that he made it so well.

Being an 8.5% imperial, it is remarkably (and thankfully) light in body, as light as an imperial stout can be. It pours a deep dark brown and carries aromatic notes of sweet cocoa, resplendent nuts, and more than a couple touches of pecan pie.

The flavor is even better, and they got the biscotti down perfectly. The caramel in the nuts blend harmoniously with a malt bill centered on chocolate, a touch of coffee, and maybe even some roasted peaches, plum, and a very light touch of raisin.

There’s no alcohol burn, it’s easy to drink, and that makes this beer a touch on the dangerous side.

This is the kind of beer that you usually get in over-inflated Onzr release that sell out in 2 minutes. Definitely not a standard tap. All of this makes me respect Yeasty Brews even more, and I hope they keep it up.

In the meantime, I have more beers from them I am looking forward to trying.

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