Brew Review – Social Club by Beat Culture

While their influence has waned over recent years and been marred by the unfortunate politics of certain organizations in the state, the traditional social club has been a very strong staple of Florida’s history. This is doubly true in the state’s strongly Hispanic enclaves.

Ybor City in Tampa had a collection of social clubs for newly arrived immigrants, where they could fraternize and connect with other expatriates from their former countries, receive aid, and get a fresh start on their new life.

Social Clubs had also been a big part of pre-revolutionary Cuba. When those were closed in the late 50s and early 60s, many of those members set up similar organizations when arriving in Miami and South Florida.

These organizations, supported by the public image of Music, dining, and laughter, and further bolstered by pieces of media such as Buena Vista Social Club, live on today in Social Club (Hazy IPA, 7.5% ABV) from Beat Culture.

It’s a scene that looks fantastic, and the beer it inspired is just as vibrant. This is a traditionally juicy IPA, right down the line in style and substance, with a completely opaque deep yellow color and a bouquet of aromas drenched in citrus.

The flavor brings all of that together with delightful notes grapefruit, orange, papaya, and maybe a little pineapple and pine resin thrown in for good measure.

The beer, like its namesake, has a good solid place in the Miami cultural scene. My hope Is it will stay around and entice new people into the club.

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