Brew Review – Gypsy Voodoo by Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery @LegacyBrewery

When it comes to hop quality, breweries tend to advertise the juice.

They wants you to know every single citrus-flavored hop they have and exactly how much like grapefruit that beer is going to taste.

There are, of course, other notes that can be derived from hops, depending on the varietal. But it’s the juicy ones, mostly the citrus-forward ones, that seem to get the most attention.

This is why I was so shocked to see Gypsy Voodoo (IPA, 6.5% ABV) by Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery listed as a ‘Floral IPA.’

They are making no bones about the fact that the IPA is more on the earthy side and outwardly celebrate that. And when you smell the aroma of this beer, it pops right out at you. There’s an interesting melange of grapefruit, caramel, and rose petals.

If memory serves me right, their co-founder and brewer Ismael said they specifically used red roses in this beer. Only the red ones gave the right aroma and flavor they were looking for.

And that’s why the name needs to prepare you for the taste with an amazing flavorful, well, the only word that really describe it is bouquet. It has amazing floral notes, vegetative, grassy, fragrant, and aromatic as a freshly picked bouquet of flowers. This is all submerged in a slightly caramel, slightly bready malt bill with interesting alpha acid peaks along the way.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer like this before. It’s a shame because it has such an amazing character to it, a bold flowery quality that does absolute wonders for the hops it has been paired with. It’s still a bit on the aggressive side, but this is flavor profile that must be tasted to be believed.

As usual, Legacy is one of the best breweries in the county. But even I did not expect anything this wildly inventive and flavorful. I’d buy them some flowers to celebrate, but God knows that’ll just go into the next batch of beer.

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