Brew Review – Peregrination by LaBelle Brewing

If you haven’t listened to our interview with LaBelle Brewing on the Florida Beer Podcast, first of all, what are you waiting for?

Second, you will have heard, in our interview, where LaBelle Brewing owner and founder Dan Peregrin explained the story behind Peregrination (Belgian Tripel, 10.5% ABV).

Not only is it a clever play on his last name, but it’s also a word that means ‘To embark on a great journey.’ And, as he tells it, if you are not ready to consume a 10.5% ABV Belgian Tripel and jump in with both feet, you are going to be taking quite the journey in a few moments.

Just to drive it home, the artwork further includes a falconer with a peregrine falcon.

Enough on that, the beer. And a pretty solid Belgian Tripel it is. Crystal clear and beautifully golden in color with the correct notes of bubble gum, wet sock, fruity breakfast cereal, and maybe a little bit of lemon.

The rest of the beer follow suit with correct and wonderfully funky Belgian notes that blend harmoniously with touches of lemon, lime, orange, circus peanut, maybe a little bit of popcorn and sourdough thrown into the mix on the back end.

It may be odd to think of a brewery smack dab in the wilds of Hendry County to have a Belgian Tripel as one of their canned year-round releases, but that confusion dissipates once you actually try the beer. It’s a fantastic beer, and well worth the journey to LaBelle to pick some up.

And, of course, the journey you undertake after consumption.

Drink Florida Craft,


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