Seltzer Spotlight – Kiwi Tangerine by Funky Buddha @FunkyBuhhdaBrew

Let’s be honest, it looks like the hard seltzer wave is not going away anytime soon. More and more breweries have jumped on the bandwagon, providing their own flavors and their own varieties.

Then you have people like Funky Buddha that not only double down on their production, but they’ve released an entire second variety box of flavors that are a little bit more tropical than the first one. I am a good deal more excited for these flavors since they tend to be a bit more, pardon the pun, funky and fun.

It’s been a little while since I got the box, but it’s time for me to give a good rundown of what it has and I’m starting with Kiwi Tangerine (Seltzer, 4.5% ABV).

I like kiwi, I’m good with tangerine flavors, but I never thought to combine the two and I tell you, it works. The nice thing about seltzers, especially Funky Buddha seltzers, is the flavor is light to where they are not overpowering, but present enough to where you can taste the flavor. It’s not something that is hidden and difficult to find.

You get enough of the acidic sweetness of the tangerine to play with the undeniable, unmistakable, almost Indescribable kiwi flavor. It’s bright and bubbly, and the fruit flavors are surprisingly good together, with the kiwi bringing the acidity from the tangerine down, while the tangerine brings out a bit more brightness from the kiwi.

And it’s just one of the four flavors in the tropical box, so I am very excited to see what else it comes with. So if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more seltzers that are calling my name.

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