Brew Review – Time Out Irish Stout by First Magnitude @FMBrewing

Forget the pilsner, put away the IPA, blonde ale be damned.

If you want to open up a brewery, sooner or later I want to see an Irish Stout on your tap list.

Yes, give a nod of reverence to the boys in Dublin. A good Irish Stout is a thing of beauty and something every beer drinker has tried at least once.

How does your Irish Stout hold up? I have had more than my fair share of brewers ask me how theirs turned out, hoping to hear a good word. It’s a classic style and nobody wants to screw it up.

First magnitude didn’t screw theirs up, and their Time Out (Irish Stout, 4.8% ABV, 34 IBU) is a thing of wondrous beauty.

Deep, deep color, which is actually red if you’ve managed to get the lighting on it well enough to see through, with an aroma containing an amazingly creamy quality with notes of coffee and plum.

The flavor is absolutely correct, with enough notes of pumpernickel, coffee, chicory, and maybe a touch of vanilla in the roast. You end up with a soft and creamy body, with great drinkability, that is both bold and smooth.

This is a malt lover’s beer, and hits all the right notes without going too far into anything heavy. It’s a perfect style and a perfect beer, even for Florida summers.

It’s just nice to see respect given where respect is due.

Drink Florida Craft,


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