Brew Review – Mezkin Blackbird by Arcane Aleworks

I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to start this post. I’m just thinking that if there is a blackbird that sings the way Mezkin Blackbird (Gose, 5.1% ABV) tastes, then this particular blackbird sounds like an auto-tuned explosion at a razor blade infested accordion factory.

It is amazing and yet terrifying to behold all at the same time, but it draws you in and only leaves you wanting more.

Arkane Aleworks in Largo made this beast, and not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for ignoring, as the gold medal it won at Best Florida Beer can attest.

It starts off like a solidly stylistic gose, a style which tends to be on the tart and sour side. The tartness in this beer, however, is ramped up quite a bit. It’s almost to a wild ale, but some of that is coming from an almost comically absurd addition of blackberry.

It is amazingly fruity, less like enjoying a freshly picked pint and more like having the pint shot down your mouth by a t-shirt cannon at a Florida Panthers game.

To this fruitsplosion (and I can only attribute this addition to some sort of insane otherworldly alchemy) enters the addition of sage. And I can’t believe how well that worked.

Sage is a beefy, mellow sort of herb and by introducing it, but still keeping it low on the back end, it brings out a lot of the earthy qualities of the blackberry, while also keeping the acidity low just a touch.

This is still a tart beer, a fruit forward beer, and an amazingly flavorful beer. It’s all amplified by how much depth the sage brings to the rest of the flavor. The gold medal is very well deserved, and it’s nice to see inventiveness like this.

As for listening to anything auto-tuned, no thank you.

Drink Florida Craft,


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