Brew Review – Blueberry Pastelito by Beat Culture

To understand the nature of South Florida cuisine is to accept the inevitability of a guava pastelito in your life.

This guava paste-filled pastry goodness is ubiquitous and iconic. Florida Brewers raised on such a pastry have a tendency, almost an obligation, to throw out a guava pastelito beer at least once.

Honestly, it’s a rite of passage for most breweries in Miami-Dade. You grab some guava, throw it in a cream ale with lactose and off you go. What I never anticipated, however, was going further than just guava. That’s all I ever really knew, both beer and pastry, and leave it to Beat Culture to once again wow my taste buds and expand my horizons with another pastelito beer, this time Blueberry Pastelito (IPA, 7.5% ABV).

And it’s not just a blueberry IPA, but a blueberry milkshake IPA, meaning they took all sorts of yummy delicious lactose with the blueberries and threw it on an IPA base, which I feel should surprise me just a bit more than it does.

As is everything else coming from my Miami friends, it works and it works quite well. The color is a hazy orange and quite opaque, with the most amazingly creamy blueberry aroma I have ever smelled. If you really get a big whiff, eventually you pick up a little bit of orange and pine resin.

The tasting is interesting and it bounces around a lot like a loose hockey puck. You start with an initial push of citrus-forward alpha acids. Not bitter, but you know that you should be tasting bitterness coming from a readily apparent combination of orange and grapefruit.

Almost immediately, however, those flavors are shoved out of the way by an almost aggressive blueberry, vanilla, and lactose sweetness that is undeniably decadent. The vanilla tends to dissipate before the blueberries do, however, and right when that happens, in comes the second helping of that citrus dankness which stays a little bit longer and packs a bit more of a punch than it did the first time around.

And this will repeat itself ad nauseum until you very quickly finish the can because let’s be honest, this goes down smooth and fast and it’s something you’re going to want another one of as quickly as possible.

It’s a wonderful change to a somewhat traditional (at least for Florida) treatment that’s been around quite a bit, and expertly crafted by people who know exactly what they are doing.

It’s got a lot less carbs than a pastry as well.

Drink Florida Craft,


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