Brew Review – Recreational Wit by Ankrolab Brewing

I start today’s post with food trucks, only because (and forgive me for not knowing too many details) on my way to Ankrolab in Naples, my family and I passed by a rather interesting looking food truck installation.

You know how some elementary schools, instead of having a giant building, instead build a series of covered walkways in between portable classrooms?

That’s what Celebration Park looks like, but with food trucks. It’s something I need to learn a little bit more about, since I love food trucks, expensive though they can be, and it just seemed like a good starting point to talk about Recreational Wit (Witbier, 5.5% ABV) from Ankrolab.

And the name makes me think of one of those big lumbering RVs that I’ve always wanted to own but never had the chance. It just seems like a good time to always have your home with you when you go do something fun.

Interestingly enough, witbiers beers sort of feel like that as well. At this point most breweries make them, most breweries should, they’re always a good time and they always sort of feel like home since people don’t tend to stray too far from the traditional recipe of malted wheat, orange peel, and coriander.

And such is Ankrolab’s wit. Serviceable, enjoyable, and everything I wanted it to be. A light wheat malt bill is fluffy and bouncy, with just enough spice give it a little kick. The citrus goes a bit farther, with sweet oranges providing the orange peel, backed up with a light touch of Mandarina Bavaria hops and solidified with a whopping 84 lbs. of Cara Cara orange puree. It doesn’t mean the orange is overpowering, but the beer has that little bit of juicy sunshine.

It’s not as expensive as an RV and it may not be the flashiest beer on the market, but it’s really tasty and always tends to feel like home.

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