Brew Review – Tater by Magnanimous Brewing

Not that I am one to readily promote other podcasts, especially ones that have significantly higher listenership that mine, but 99 Percent Invisible is a fantastic listen if you are interested in the design behind things that you don’t readily consider in your daily life. Think of things like curbs, or car stereo visual displays, or license plates.

It’s the license plate one that instantly came to mind with today’s beer, mostly because how much animosity and legal trouble the concept of a license plate created in this country. And the people that hate license plates the most seem to be from Idaho.

This is partially because they tend to be a bit on the anti-government side, and partially because their license plate promotes what is both the most iconic and most dreadfully boring part about Idaho; the potato.

To this day, if you see an Idaho license plate, it will carry the incredibly exciting and forward-thinking tagline Famous Potatoes.


But Idaho is known for potatoes, and if you have a couple of Idaho based hops in your beer, you do what Magnanimous Brewing did and you call that beer Tater (IPA, 7% ABV).

Yes, Tater is liberally hopped with the spuds-adjacent hops Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem. I can’t say this for certain, but I know deep down somewhere the brewmaster had the idea of making this beer solely on the name and making it a solid potato reference.

It doesn’t look like a potato, though. The brew is a darker shade of yellow and the aroma has a little floral bouquet with a touch of citrus forward alpha acid, giving it a smell very reminiscent of a floral candy like Turkish delight.

That is how it starts, then just a touch of a grassy and herbal hop bitterness comes in. It’s noticeable and it’s enjoyable, but it does not go rampant. It is still mild and meek and flavorful.

Like the humble potato, some would say. I don’t know, I don’t really eat that many potatoes anymore. Far be it for me to hate Idaho’s most famous cash crop, though. And if the beer was made in jest, then I have no problem continuing to ingest a pint or two.

Plus it helps that my state’s license plate isn’t quite as hokey as Famous Potatoes.

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