Brew Review – The Ultimate Trip by Tripping Animals Brewing @trippinganimals

It was the pistachio.

It’s funny, I have not gotten any Tripping Animals beers in a very, very, very long time. They’re only an hour away, but sometimes an hour is a mighty long time, especially with a five-year-old.

Other people in my circle have gotten their beers, and these people know my, shall we say, penchant for drinking and writing about beers from Florida. Because of this, I suddenly found myself going from zero to three Tripping Animals beers.

Of course I have to drink them, but therein lies the question of what to drink first. And it was the promise of pistachios that made me decide on The Ultimate Trip (Sour Ale, 6% ABV).

This is definitely a brewery that loves their adjuncts, and this bright reddish pink monstrosity was liberally dosed with blueberries, vanilla, lactose, and the pistachios which were the main focus of what I wanted to try.

Sure, I’ve had blueberry, vanilla, and lactose beers before. Very recently in fact. But the co threw me for a bit of a loop. It’s not a nut I see a ton of in beer. I might have had it once or twice, but I don’t remember for certain.

That’s why I went for this beer. The aroma doesn’t give up much of the nutty qualities as much as it allows the vanilla and lactose to come straight to the fore with minor touches of blueberry sweetness backing it up.

The flavor is a blast. It’s got a solid puckering quality to it, really deep in kettle sour goodness, and that is immediately pounced upon the blueberry tartness. The lactose and vanilla comes in just briefly to smooth it out and make it nice and silky, but after all of that is a flavor that doesn’t totally makes sense.

It’s meaty, it’s deep, it’s sweet but not too sweet, it’s bitter but not too bitter, it’s odd and it works just wonderfully. That, of course, has to come from the pistachio that I was looking forward to so much. Rightfully so, because it brings such an amazing dimension to the beer that I can’t imagine it any other way.

It boosts the sweetness while giving its own deep, almost umami flavor. It is one heck of a way for me to reintroduce myself to Tripping Animals, and I am definitely looking forward to the other cans I have as soon as possible.

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