Brew Review – Square Locker by First Magnitude

A couple of years ago I visited a beer bar in Northern Palm Beach County. My beer snobbish sensibilities laughed just a bit when I saw a couple come in and the husband, faced with a rather large and Incredibly deep tap list, asked if they had any lagers.

Two things wrong with this.

One, what kind of lager? Quite a few different varieties, my friend.

And two, why just lagers? Why are ales, which make up easily 80% of the craft beer market, not good enough?

To be honest, most lagers get lumped in to the American Adjunct Lager field, maybe expanding to the Euro lager. It’s the two styles that you see the most, since they are most of what the macro brands are producing.

While I can’t remember what I had that evening (knowing me, probably some sort of porter), I have grown a bit in appreciation for the lager. This section of the market tends to stay with a low ABV, low hop sensibility, high on malt and with a lot of drinkability.

That also tends to change with whatever lager you’ve decided to pick up. Take, for example, Square Lager (American Lager, 4.2% ABV) from First Magnitude Brewing in Gainesville. This is the beer he was probably thinking about when the guy ordered a lager.

Originally know in the tap room as Lagerrythym, Square Lager is crystal clear and beautifully perky with a crispy light crackling aroma of bright cereal malt.

The flavor is just as honest as the smells would suggest, with little bits of lemon, orange, and biscuit with a bright pip of earthy Noble hop.

It’s a simple, unfussy beer and perfectly typifies what drinkers think they want when they say the word ‘lager.’ As for me, while it will not be the only thing I can enjoy soon, I will do so from time to time.

And it’s hard not to enjoy a beer like this.

Drink Florida Craft,


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