Brew Review – Arroz Con Leche by Beat Culture @BeatCultureCo

Dessert beers and coffee beers have a lot in common.

For the most part, when people have one, the assumption is that the beer is going to be dark. Makes perfect sense, dark malts can to contain notes of both cocoa and coffee, so having a beer actually contain either cocoa or coffee or both is a natural progression.

It’s also not a hard and fast requirement, as breweries are starting to branch out and make lighter beers with those flavors similar to what had originally gone for their darker brethren. As an example, the coffee blond ale has hit the market to rave reviews.

This is starting to become more noticeable, and the trend is branching into other styles like sours and ipas. The lighter dessert ale? Not as much just yet.

It is coming, and beers like Arroz Con Leche (Cream Ale, 5.3% ABV) are a perfect vanguard to this trend.

I love rice pudding. I think it’s phenomenal and it’s not something I see a whole lot of. Beat Culture is there to help, though, and making a rice pudding beer seems to be no big problem for them.

They did it rather nicely, as well.

It’s a cream ale, light and crispy with little but slightly flaky biscuit notes in the aroma. The flavor continues the goodness and adds a healthy addition of cinnamon and vanilla.

It is amazing what all of this does. The beer is not sticky sweet, more of a solidly cereal grain with some flavor behind it sort of sweetness. And it’s got just enough cinnamon to give it a kick, plus just enough vanilla to make it decadent.

It’s still light and easy to drink, but the nuances and flavors are so delicious and so creamy it’s hard to step away. Say what you want about dessert beers, if they’re going to start looking like this, I’m all for it.

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