Brew Review – Loose Juice by Yeasty Brews

We continue with Yeasty Brews.

If you haven’t followed them on social media, and you live in South Florida, what are you waiting for? It’s not every day that you get a “built with heart and love and by the skin of your teeth” kind of brewery.

I strongly suggest visiting and supporting local businesses like them. Besides, the beer they sling is some of the best you’re going to find. Especially if you’re looking for the big juicy ipas, since this is the home of Loose Juice (NEIPA, 7.5% ABV).

It has a big West Coast juice bomb hazebro IPA aroma of citrus and even bolder hops. The flavor is an explosion of deep and resiny citrus, with big notes of orange, honeydew, tangerine, and grapefruit. There’s even a light piney aftertaste, dripping with alphas.

Make no mistake, this is a very hop-forward beer, with a lot of drinkability, but mostly big pops of alpha acid bitterness, laced with a bright and sunny citrus juiciness.

Coming from a brewery that made their name with the endlessly sweet Banana Slinger, it’s nice to see them get into the hop game and to do so well at it. Don’t worry, we have more coming from them, but why listen to me? You can always get the full scoop from their social media as well.

But do please keep reading the blog, of course.

Drink Florida Craft,


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