Brew Review – Void Shaker by Funky Buddha @FunkyBuddhaBrew

Sometimes the beers come my way and you need to let them sit for a bit. Sometimes the beers need to be fresh.

And them sometimes people decide the traditional 22 oz. bomber just isn’t the way to go anymore, and releasing beers in a 4-pack allows you to do both, for Pete’s sake.

Such as it is with Void Shaker (Imperial Stout, 11% ABV, 40 IBU) from my friends over at Funky Buddha.

This is a beer that, 4 years ago, would only have been found in the giant glass bottles. It was just the way it was, with nary a dissenting voice from the masses.

Things are different now, and it’s well documented how difficult, nay, impossible, it is to reseal a giant bomber and save some for later. It just isn’t done, and the format basically requires the entire bottle to be consumed in the single sitting.

Void Shaker, along with many other formerly-large format bottles from Funky, has foregone the 22 oz. bottle in favor of a 4-pack of 12 oz. bottles.

The beer has a deep, deep dark brown color, with a mocha-colored head and giant, boozy bourbon notes in the aroma.

The flavor is very deep and very rich, with a lot of plum, prune, and fantastic coffee & roasted cocoa flavors. The best part is the decidedly mature oaky vanilla quality to the beer, but it’s not harsh. It’s incredibly rich and decadent, but it doesn’t hurt or come off as aggressive (like other barrel-aged stouts tend to do).

And the best part is I still have three of them left.

To be honest with you, it’s a great way to release a beer. That’s why I’m not trying to drink everything at once and I can relax and enjoy at my own pace.

If you really need to, though, you can also go through all four of them at once. I’m not saying I would, I’m just saying I understand.

Drink Florida Craft,


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