Brew Review – Sushi Song Pale Lager by Khoffner Brewery

I have a 5 year old that loves sushi. Loves sushi.

And I’m not talking egg and maybe some tempura shrimp, either. We’re talking straight up tuna and salmon sashimi without soy sauce loves sushi.

Because of this, we have a regular occurrence of sushi nights in our household. And it’s funny, since most sushi chefs don’t regularly see a five-year-old that can polish off an entire JB Roll by herself.

Obviously we have no shortages of great sushi places where we live, but we happened to fall into the downtown Fort Lauderdale outpost of one of South Florida’s more eclectic sushi chains, Sushi Song.

Created by Chef Song, they’ve done a great job of having a variety of inventive American-style sushi rolls and classic sushi dishes, served in a modern, fun, and exciting atmosphere. And apparently Chef Song is a hoot, from what I’ve heard by his brewing partner and great friend of the blog Rauf Khoffner at Khoffner Brewing.

Because of that friendship, you can find Sushi Song Pale Lager (Lager, 5% ABV) at any of the Sushi Song outposts. And it’s a perfect complement to the food.

Sushi, especially traditional sushi and sashimi, tends to be very delicately flavored. Having a crystal clear, crisp-as-anything beer comes as a great pairing. The beer has a white, hazy straw color and a very soft, pillowy, bready aroma. The flavor is quite delicious, featuring the faintest dusting of a noble hop with a decidedly floral undercurrent. It partners with a buoyant and bubbly malt bill. It’s definitely easier to down a few in the middle of a sushi roll bonanza, but leave some room for JB Rolls as well!

All of this is making me hungry now, and I sort of hate both of these guys for that. But it’s easy for me to find good place since Sushi Song is all over South Florida. I’ll need to get back there soon.

Drink Florida Craft,


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