Brew Review – No Mames by Tripping Animals @TrippingAnimals

On a trip to Los Angeles a few years ago, I came across a bit of Spanish graffiti in the men’s restroom of one of many breweries I was at.

I don’t speak the language, and I made sure to take a picture of it to bring home to ask about. Direct translation is one thing, understanding the cultural inflection is far different. And so my translator informed me that the phrase that I had seen was a very Mexican way of stating, basically, that women with a certain body type would be more predisposed to go home with you at the end of the night.

I will leave it there.

But now that I put more faith in Urban Dictionary, I am more likely to go there when I come across on phrases like No Mames (Mexican Style Lager, 6% ABV), also a beer by Tripping Animals in Doral.

The name basically means ‘you’re kidding,’ as an exclamation of surprise.

That is where I will leave the explanation, as continuing down the rabbit hole to how you arrived at that explanation is far cruder than where I want to take this blog.

That sentiment behind the saying is also the same sentiment I feel concerning the Mexican Lager. Every time I try this style, it tends to be overly harsh and hoppy, like a Pale Ale with the flavor removed.

However, the last few Mexican lagers I’ve been trying have bucked that trend, and this beer is no exception. The color is light gold and almost fully clear, with a very bright aroma popping with lemon and biscuit.

The flavor is wonderfully resplendent of notes of lemon, honey, pear, and maybe a touch of sourdough and the dark, malty tones from wheat bread.

It’s an incredibly light and refreshing beer, and drinks like something hovering in the high 3% or low 4% ABV range, nothing close to the 6% it contains. The slightly sedate Chihuahua on the label art brings to mind something far more chill (or kind of disgusting if you know the actual meaning of the beer’s name).

Regardless, it’s a classic and easy to drink beer, a far better representation of the style than what I have had before.

And no, I am not kidding.

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