Brew Review – Circus City IPA by Big Top Brewing @BigTopBrew

There’s a label redesign and then there is a label overhaul.

That’s kind of why I wanted to bring up Circus City IPA (IPA, 6.8% ABV, 68 IBU), partially since it’s a solid representation of the English IPA. Also, the label art has gone away from their slightly mysterious ringmaster, and into a rather whimsical cacophony of circus animals flying high over Sarasota Bay in a hot air balloon.

I love it, especially since it is slightly more accessible to a now-statewide Big Top Brewing Company. One day I will have to revisit their original digs in Sarasota, and make time to visit the outposts in Gainesville and Pensacola.

But their flagship IPA still remains, and will continue to remain, a calling card to Sarasota’s circus past, and there is no better beer to do that with then this one.

Circus City pours a deep orange color, crystal clear and carrying with it an interesting earthy hop aroma ever so slightly tinted with a fresh Florida orange quality.

The flavor of the beer, that tends to go more floral. It’s got a wonderfully decadent grassy rose flavor, and an almost raw sugarcane-like sweetness, which only adds to its herbal hop qualities. A bitter dankness comes on moderately strong, but steps back rather easily to allow the rest of the beer to shine on a fluffy biscuity malt bill and a very simple yeast inoculation.

It’s drinkable, inviting, and quite a lot of fun, all things that perfectly describe Sarasota, the circus, and this wonderful beer.

Sure, I miss the old ringmaster a bit, but with this menagerie in town, it’s sure to be entertaining.

Drink Florida Craft,


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