Brewery Visit – Riptide Brewing, Bonita Springs

How often do you visit a brand new brewery you’ve been to before?

It’s a situation I’ve only had a few times in my life, but when the brewery space remains the same but undergoes a complete change of branding, look, and even ownership, the entire experience can be very different.

As some of you know, the new Riptide Brewing in Bonita Springs was opened only a few years ago as the new home of Momentum Brewhouse. The owners of Momentum decided they needed to turn the page on a new chapter in life instead of closing the brewery completely, so they handed over operations to current Riptide Brewing owner Kim West.

This is funny, since Kim herself had gotten control of the original Riptide location in Naples from that brewery’s original owners as well.

But, just as she has transformed, revitalized, and grown that company, she is poised to go even further with the newly rechristened Riptide Brewing.

Even the look is completely different, and upon stepping inside, anybody will notice the lush greenery and custom artwork that now adorns a formerly stark industrial space. They are waiting on a new brewing system, and once that arrives, I am sure their footprint in the region is only going to grow.

For more details, I will implore you to go check out our second interview with her on the Florida Beer Podcast. It’s a great listen and she’s a hoot to talk to.

Obviously, they are still making beers right now and since the tap list is completely different from Naples, it was fun to try a few new things. My wife had a pour of Tricked-Out Stout (Oatmeal Stout, 5.8% ABV).

As an oatmeal stout, it was a fantastic representation of the style. There’s a lot of sweet and creamy goodness in the beer, with nice dark fruity notes of raisin, along with a light dusting of cocoa and a touch of coffee. The oatmeal also does a lot for the mouthfeel, making it nice and velvety smooth.

I went a slightly different direction and enjoyed a pint of Brighter Shade of Jade (Saison, 5.9% ABV).

With this beer, it’s got a nicely peppery flavor with crisp floral and grassy notes, and an undercurrent that belies a touch of melon and other fruits. There’s a slightly spiky mouthfeel as per the Saison style, but wide enough in body and welcoming enough in flavor to where this is a refreshing and enjoyable summer beer. It still leaves a lot of nuance to be discovered, which is great, since I feel like I’m discovering a new brewery all over again (even though I’ve technically been there a few times).

And don’t forget to listen to our episode with Kim on the Florida beer podcast and learn all about the new features coming to this great facility.

Drink Florida Craft,


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