Brew Review – Peanut Butter Porter by Fort Myers Brewing @FMBrew

I would love to know who first decided to put peanuts in a porter. I would probably shake that person’s hand as well.

Not only is this treatment sort of an underground requirement for any brewery that has a solid porter on their list, but it’s also a fantastic beverage when it is done well. Of course there’s a balancing act to be had, since you need a solid, noticeable peanut butter flavor to the porter, or else the whole thing falls apart. But you also can’t go to heavy and make it an overflavored nut bomb.

If there’s a style to be had, and it needs to be done well, sooner or later Fort Myers Brewing is going to do it. These mad geniuses have it done it again with their Peanut Butter Porter (Porter, 5.4% ABV), a luxurious concoction with a creamy, velvety mouthfeel and a bright, fluffy head that’s just a joy to look at.

The aroma is even better, with its big cocoa and peanut notes. Truth be told, this is one of those beers that are really hard to drink, since it is so easy to get lost in the smells you can’t break away from it.

But when you do finally get around to a sip, you get a big dessert explosion of cocoa and peanut with light touches of coffee and roasted pumpernickel.

I am sure all I have to do is mention a chocolate peanut butter candy, one will enter your mind, and yes, it’s very close to that. The best part is the beer looks to be a year-round release, which would make me very happy if that were correct. If not, I may just have to wait with bated breath for it to come around again.

Not going to lie, I’d prefer this to a candy. Heck, it’s better than straight peanuts as well.

Drink Florida Craft,


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