Brew Review – Der Chancellor by Tequesta Brewing @TequestaBrewing

I don’t like golf.

It’s really expensive (both the fees and the equipment), kind of snooty, and I can’t really say it’s a ‘sport’ if I can watch guys drinking beers and smoking cigars while they’re doing it.

To me, that’s the definition of a game. And if you want to play a game, that’s fine.

If I have to golf, I’m inclined to do mini golf. I’m a sucker for goofy props and traps and all sorts of craziness. And even though I am absolutely horrendous at mini golf, to where even my six-year-old daughter is starting to beat me, I will still readily play a round.

Recently we did at Lighthouse Cove in Jupiter. I must say, the courses were very well laid out, nicely maintained, and a lot of fun. The best part of all was the local craft beer on tap, which you can order right on their scoring app for them to bring it out to whatever hole you’re desperately trying to finish at that time.

And while the bar isn’t too far away, it’s still cool to be able to order while mini golfing and have the drink waiting for you at the next hole. Since they had a lot of great North Palm Beach County beers, I decided to revisit an old friend of mine, Der Chancellor (Kolsch, 5.3% ABV) from Tequesta Brewing Company in, of course, Tequesta.

This is a kolsch, one of my favorite styles of all time, and for a blazing hot day on the links it was perfect. Bright and bubbly, this effervescent beer radiates tropical fruit flavors. Think a little mango, a little lemon, a little orange, and so on. It’s not too heavy, with maybe a light touch of biscuit malt (but not too much) and a very clean and crisp yeast to finish it off and keep it practically floating.

It’s a great beer. Always has been. And it’s been a wonderful stalwart of the South Florida craft beer community. But to get it delivered on tap while hanging out with the family playing mini golf is something else. And who knows, maybe after a few my game will finally improve?

Drink Florida Craft,


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