Brew Review – Space Cake by Beat Culture Brewing @BeatCultureCo @caochocolates

It has been a little while since I have published on the blog.

I am firmly aware of this. I had to take a little bit of a break, but I’m back and hopefully doing more than before.

So I figure a great welcome back blog post would be to review one of the awesome beers from my friends at Beat Culture Brewing. And while I adore them for their steadfast celebration of all things Cuban/Miami, sometimes they come up with a beer that I was a little bit surprised came from them.

This is best exemplified by Space Cake (Stout, 7% ABV).

I apologize, but when I think of Miami, chocolate cake is not the first thing that comes to mind. Then I saw that this beer was produced in collaboration with Cao Chocolates, and after doing a little digging, it makes sense.

Cao Chocolate was voted the Best Chocolatier of 2019 by Miami New Times. Based in Miami, it is owned by two Venezuelan expats who not only celebrate the wide variety of chocolates grown in Central and South America, but produce their chocolate to showcase and highlight the particular region from where they were grown.

In Miami, I’m used to Cuba taking the lead and for citrus to be the driving force. I was completely unaware of how much chocolate is in the region as well. It’s interesting to note this, since they take a great deal of care in sourcing and producing their products, care which is immediately evident and shared by Beat Culture in the making of one of the richest and most chocolate forward beers I have ever consumed.

Does this almost black beer smell and taste like a chocolate cake? Yes, but a really good one at an expensive restaurant. This is not a slice you pick up from the grocery store.

The aroma is very rich and milk chocolatey, with massive notes of cocoa and a great sugar-like sweetness. The flavor is unworldly, and you can taste that this was not a standard produced cocoa bean they threw in the mash. There was some great care and respect taken to not only find a high-quality bean, but the right bean for the job.

Where is that being sourced from? I would love to know that answer, but it did quite well and drives a rich and medium-bodied beer forward with a great flavor that is incredibly decadent and tasty.

Chocolate cake may not be the dessert of Miami, but I think Beat Culture and Cao Chocolate have made an excellent case for its inclusion the cultural zeitgeist of the region. If they don’t, then they can leave more Space Cake cans to the side and I will be more than happy to drink them.

Something tells me they’ll be gone, though.

EDIT: Roberto from Cao Chocolates let me know the beans are sourced from La Masica, Honduras. Thanks!

Drink Florida Craft,


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