Brew Review – Trip In The Glades by Big Bear Brewing Co. @BigBearBrewing

If you’ve never been to South Florida, Broward County in particular, I cannot emphasize to you exactly how close the Everglades are.

As a perfect point of reference, take Big Bear Brewing Co., firmly ensconced in the suburbs of Coral Springs. 20 minutes east brings you to the Atlantic Ocean and Pompano Beach. 15 minutes west, however, and I hope you have a good off-roading truck because you will find yourself traipsing through wetlands very quickly.

There is a trail that cuts right through it, allowing people to hike or bike through this natural wonder. Some people do, and the rest of us don’t due to the snakes and alligators (of course). That doesn’t stop people from recognizing the Everglades as being a major part of life in South Florida.

Back to Big Bear, and their genius madman head brewer Jeff Evans, who clearly took inspiration from the majestic River of Grass to the west and created Trip in The Glades (Belgian Tripel, 9% ABV, 15% IBU).

As is his MO, Jeff just hits it out of the park yet again. The beer is a heady concoction, pouring a crystal clear bright golden color and carrying with it a wonderfully sweet and unmistakable aroma that has just the right amount of colorful bubble gum and fruity flavors.

The beer itself is incredibly smooth and holds a perfect, moderately sweet bready malt, traditional funky Belgian aromas of bubble gum and wet sock, plus a solid ABV that is evident but not overpowering. It is strong beer without being an overweight one.

If there is a line to a fine Belgian tripel, Jeff has managed to walk it near perfectly. And nary a gator or a python in sight.

Drink Florida Craft,


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