Brew Review – Easy On The Eyes by Intuition Ale Works @IntuitionAle

It has been an absolute hot minute since I have been able to get anything from Jacksonville.

For some reason Tallahassee tends to make it down by me a bit more then the River City, which is a shame since J’Ville is home to some of the absolute best in the state.

If you know anything about Jacksonville’s beer scene, you will know that one of the biggest names is Intuition Ale Works, located just a stone’s throw from the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have gone to great lengths to release a killer lineup of cans in North Florida, even releasing a variety pack that I need to get my hands on some time soon.

One of the beers featured in said pack is Easy On The Eyes (IPA, 4.5% ABV, 45 IBU).

Before I even mention the beer, I want to give a lot of support to Intuition for the can design. Not just because the cans are good, but also as a blogger and enthusiast, I love when I can delivers the goods on the beer inside.

Because of their label design, I can report to you that the beer was brewed with two row and crystal malts, and liberally hopped with Sorachi Ace, Citra, and Centennial.

Because of this, you could probably get a good idea what the beer drinking experience is like. Having a simple malt bill gives the beer a beautifully golden color, offering forth aromas that tend towards orange and pine.

The flavor is bitter and very bright, as you get a lot of the orange and grapefruit notes from the Citra along with lemon from the Sorachi Ace.

As much a this is labeled a Session IPA, the flavor tends to be stronger, almost West Coast with a moderate level of bitterness that is both noticeable and refreshing. It’s incredibly bright, incredibly clean, and Incredibly sunny. It’s a perfectly, easy beer and a great jumping off point for that mixed variety Tackle Box I still need to get.

It’s a great beer to relax and enjoy, but the most it tells me is I need to get back to Jacksonville sometime soon to try more of what Intuition has.

It’s a city with a fun beer scene, what can I say?

Drink Florida Craft,


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