Brew Review – Oktoberfest by 26 Degree Brewing

It’s time. It’s just time.

To be honest with you, it’s always time for an Oktoberfest.

I am firmly aware of the fact that in the US, saying ‘Oktoberfest’ means you’re either going to get a Festbier or a Martzen, but I want the actual event. Beers, sausages, the whole nine yards.

I usually can’t get that, so at least I can get the beer. And those beers are a part of my heart. I simply need that malty goodness on a regular basis to enjoy what craft beer can be. Sure, there are all sorts of other great styles, but gosh darn it I do love the beautiful beers that come out this time of year.

I’m especially fond of the Martzen, which is what 26 Degree Brewing’s Oktoberfest (Martzen, 6.3% ABV, 15 IBU) is.

This caramel happiness pours a beautifully deep reddish-brown hue with aromas of bread, brown sugar, and caramel. The flavor is smooth and light, with a touch of malt sweetness that carries a delicate and almost fruity flavor without diving into anything specific. It’s a unique but incredibly refreshing flavor profile that is nice perfectly reminiscent of the changing colors and crisp autumn air that Florida never receives.

I’m rambling a bit, but forgive me as this is my first Martzen of the season and that makes me incredibly happy to get. Hopefully it will not be the last.

Drink Florida Craft,


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