Brew Review – Annoying Orange by Prision Pals

I have spent my beer writing days successfully avoiding the smoothie sour.

It is surprisingly not overly prevalent in most Florida craft beer outposts, with a few notable exceptions. Personally, it feels like a beer for people that don’t want to drink beer.

Not to say they’re not delicious, and if that’s the kind of thing that you’re going for, then be my guest. But I have never had one really come across my travels until I visited Prision Pals in Doral.

It’s interesting, this Annoying Orange (Sour, 5% ABV).

It just got in cans the week before, and Prision Pals co-founder Juan Pipkin had told me how perfect this beer would be for breakfast. He even did just that a few hours before we spoke, showing me the picture from his condo overlooking Biscayne Bay.

I hate to say it, but he’s absolutely right. This beer drinks like a mimosa. And it’s incredibly tasty. So amazing tasty. It’s just phenomenal.

As a smoothie sour, it’s going to pour less like a beer and more like motor oil. If I hadn’t gotten a whiff of light floral hops and big malt upon cracking the can open, I would have assumed I had opened a can of orange juice. It’s thick, it’s completely opaque, and the aroma and pulp of orange and a little bit of peach comes off in spades.

But it’s tasty. It’s so tasty. I hate how tasty it is. Even the can says I’m going to hate how tasty it is. It’s just a wonderfully tangy flood of orange with a light kettle souring aftertaste and a citric acid quality muted beautifully with the addition of peaches. It’s beers like this that make smoothies sours so incredibly popular.

I hate to say I understand it now, but I understand it now. Yes, I kept it cold so it didn’t explode as other smoothies sours are want to do, and it was nice to get a good one in. If it was breakfast time and I had a plate of eggs and bacon, it would make this beer just that much better.

I may have to get some more so I can brunch.

Ugh, they’re right. I loved it. That is so annoying.

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