Brew Review – La La Land by Proof Brewing @ProofBrewingCo

Yep. That’s the name of the beer.

You would think it would go for something that celebrates the city that they’re in (they have that) or the major university that’s down the street from them (got that, too).

But know when creating this West Coast IPA, the Burroughs and the rest of the team at Proof Brewing in Tallahassee decided to honor the biggest city on the other side of the country and call the beer La La Land (IPA, 7% ABV, 85 IBU).

And I’m not going to lie, looking at the numbers, this beer scares me just a little bit more than trying to fly out of Tom Bradley International.

The color is a deep orange, almost touching amber, but not quite. The aroma is softer than I expected, more of a citrus salad without the heavy dose of alpha acids that the hop list would foretell. As for the flavor, that’s when you get into beautifully pure West Coast IPA territory. The malts are solid, with a strong undercurrent of carmel and deep roasted bready notes.

With that, the citrus flavors tend to take a back seat and a very dank resin comes forward to sort of highlight that aspect of the hops. There are some notes of grapefruit, blood orange, and tangerine that ride the back of that resin quality, but this beer tends to favor the bold notes of the alpha acids more.

And as such, it’s an excellent West Coast IPA. Much better than actually having to fly to the West Coast, I guarantee you.

Drink Florida Craft,


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