Brew Review – 3 Mavins Amber Ale by 3 Mavins @3Mavins

This is one of those sneaky Florida brands that crept up on me like a ninja.

I’m kind of glad it did, though.

Three Mavens is the brainchild of Kevin Thomas and Maja Brokel, the quintessential power couple that turned their love of beer into a significant philanthropic opportunity for craft beer drinkers in Florida. Their Florida connection is strong, since they are located in South Florida and beer production takes place at Brew Hub in Lakeland.

They were a part of a previous episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, so a great place to hear their story right from them would be to check out Episode 83. Or, you can download their app find locations to purchase and learn a little bit more about the monthly donations they make.

Once you’ve listened to the story, downloaded the app, and tracked down the beer, it’s time to actually drink some 3 Mavens (Amber Ale, 6.2% ABV, 19 IBU).

Is quite tasty. For the interview, Kevin made sure to find a local place that had it on draft, which is a great choice.

It was a smart decision to make an Amber ale, intentionally chosen to be drinkable, easygoing, and infinitely approachable to a wider variety of people. It pours a beautiful golden color, and carries a rich, malty aroma that is pillowy soft and warmly inviting.

The beer itself is pretty solid. It’s got those warm toasted notes with a nice biscuit sweetness, along with a soft touch of a faint earthy hop in the back.

Putting the wonderful philanthropy aside, the beer itself is enjoyable and worth the purchase alone. Knowing all of this comes from Florida makes it all so much better. Plus, this is only the beginning of the story for 3 Mavins, since their next beer should be released by now.

You know I’ll be finding it sometime soon.

Drink Florida Craft,


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