Brew Review – Banyan Red Ale by 3 Sons and The Field @3sonsbrewingco

There’s something to be said about a proper Irish pub that just warms the heart.

The comfort food specialties are always a hit, the trad music is a blast to listen to, and you can be fairly positive that there’s going to be a good tap list. Or at least a taplist that reliably has Guinness.

If you’re close to Fort Lauderdale International Airport, one such Irish pub is The Field. The inside is sort of like Hobbiton on steroids. Inside the building, it twists and turns and is practically bursting with with wooden panelling, books as far as the eye can see, and an amazingly cozy, Irish Countryside setting.

Outside, you know you’re there by the massive banyan tree located at the front entrance. It’s so big, there’s even a high top with two seats located inside the tree (if that’s something you’re interested in).

They have a wonderful menu that includes an absolutely killer Guinness stew and solid fish and chips. And yes, their beer menu includes Guinness on draft. But they have a surprisingly solid local lineup as well. There’s a lot of beers from around the area, and even a signature beer of their own, Banyan Red Ale (Red Ale, 5.4% ABV, 20 IBU), made a good 10-15 minutes away by 3 Sons Brewing.

Seeing Corey and the team at 3 Sons do a simple Red Ale is refreshing and quite comforting, as they are known more for trying to get as crazy as they can with bizarre ingredients and collaborations with other high-profile breweries around the country.

And here we are, with a pretty solid Red Ale. It’s got a light malt nose that belies very little in the way of alpha acids, with just a light biscuit sweetness remaining.

The beer itself is very light and crisp, never straying too far away from that solid malt base to dive into hops, but the caramel malt is kept more for coloring than for an overloaded sweetness.

With a light body and a clean mouthfeel, the beer is smooth and delightful, very approachable and would pair excellently with many of the wonderful foods The Field is known for.

It’s one of our favorite restaurants. Not that we can get there all that often, but it’s almost a tradition at this point whenever we are in the area. I would actually prefer to have my house be redesigned to look like something like this, but that may be a bridge too far. In the meantime, I know when I go, the beer list is going to be killer.

Along with that banyan tree.

Drink Florida Craft,


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