Brew Review – Cranberry Claus by Playalinda Brew Co. @PlayalindaBrews

I’m not going to say that I particularly like Elvis, nor that I really want to dress like him, but if the situation ever presented itself, I might participate in one of those Elvis runs.

The ones where literally thousands of of people dress like The King and run a 5k down Las Vegas Blvd.

And I know it’s not the only ‘dress up in a mass crowd and do things’ event, but it’s at least possible for me.

Surfing, not so much.

Every year, on Florida’s Space Coast, a group of surfing enthusiasts dress up like Santa Claus and ride the waves. That involves balance, which I distinctively do not have.

But what I do have is an interest in beer, and what the surfing Santas have is nearby Playalinda Brewing.

A few years ago, Playalinda had sponsored the official beer of this event. That beer lives on as a seasonal release, Cranberry Claus (Blonde Ale, 5% ABV).

Look, it’s the perfect Florida Christmas beer. It’s tart and fruity, with a nice ever so light twinge of sugar. It’s layered on a perfectly crisp and enjoyable blonde ale, nothing excessive in malt or other flavors. There’s an interesting cranberry shortcake sort of experience, if that is even a thing.

It is the perfect drinking experience, and combining it with the cranberry brings it forward quite enjoyably. It’s kind of the perfect holiday tradition, especially when your Christmas Eve is 90 degrees with humidity to match.

And it doesn’t involve getting sandy, either.

Drink Florida Craft,


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