Brew Review – La Colorada by Prision Pals

There’s so many cultures out there that I am just now being exposed to that I wish I had gotten more of a taste of them before this point in my life.

Through several different instances in my life I have come fairly close to Argentinian culture, which is quite interesting. I’ve developed a taste for Malbec, and even though I’ve never seen a game of theirs, I have an odd affinity for River Plate (if you know, you know).

It’s one of the reasons why Prision Pals was so attractive to me, and why my recent visit there felt like home, especially seeing their distinctive Yerba Mate preparations.

I’ll explain if you need me to later.

One of the beers they sent me home with was La Colorada (Amber Ale, 5% ABV, 18 IBU).

To be honest, I had a slate short of nerves when faced with the prospect of trying to figure out exactly what the name of the beer means. After a bit of Googling, it sort of smacked me in the face with the very simple answer of red.

It just means red.

It’s sort of a perfect name for an amber lager. And for an amber lager, it’s a pretty good beer. I’m not used to this style as much as the more rougher ales when it comes to ambers.

The color is a beautiful deep red, with a moderately caramel and honey aroma emanating. The flavor is an interesting mix of honey malt, a bit of a dark roast, and an easygoing earthy hop that brings with it notes of grass and pumpernickel.

If you dig deep enough you may even get a touch of tobacco, but it’s mostly lighter than that.

And it’s a great beer. With the number of beers that I could have done for today, I’m glad that I started with this.

It also brings to mind I need to see how River Plate is doing in the Primera Division.

Drink Florida Craft,


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