Brew Review – Up In Smoke by Prosperity Brewers

Oh boy, the Rauchbier.

Few things tend to separate the true nerd from the standard beer drinking community than this style.

I personally think it’s even more polarizing than a sour ale, since at least sours have the snobbish beer bro community backing them up. Save for a select few, I don’t think there are as many people that are quite as enthusiastic about smoke beers.

Depending on the beer, I could go either way. When it comes to smoke, I prefer a light to moderate touch. Enough to where you get those flavors in the beer, but not so much that you’re licking a hamburger grill.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that you’ll just never know until you try which is why when I saw a Prosperity Brewers and Boca had Up in Smoke (Porter, 5.7% ABV), I knew I had to jump at the chance.

As rauchbiers go, this could either be excessively strong in the smoke flavors or just right. This one, thankfully, is the latter.

It has a dark, ruby red color with a slight smoke aroma, with quality smoked malts existing along with chocolate and coffee notes.

The flavor gives a strong backbone of coffee and chicory, and that smoke quality tends to accentuate the spice notes therein. There’s a touch of plum and a little bit of pumpernickel as well.

I was very pleasantly happy with the results. Just enough to give it flavor, but not so much to where is excessive. This is definitely a repeat drinking beer, and one that I would very happily do more of.

As for the rest of the beer drinking community, they just don’t know what they’re missing.

Drink Florida Craft,


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