Brew Review – Super Marzen Bros. by Florida Avenue @FloridaAveBrew


Don’t care.

Should be around more.

I say this a lot. Beer world still isn’t listening.

What does it say that that I liked the beer little bit more due to the naming and label art that dips one toe in my childhood and the other into possible IP infringement?

Look at the label for Super Marzen Brothers (Marzen, 5.5% ABV). Actually don’t, just look at the name.

You know what they were going for, I know what they were going for, everybody knows what they were going for. If you sent it to any American city, say, Redmond, WA, they would know what it would be going for.

But after a certain while, you would think that such a historical piece of pop culture would sort of enter the public domain or be honored with such amazing homages as this beer.

And this beer is everything I needed it to be. It’s got a caramel brown color with a sweet, slightly roasty, slightly nutty malt aroma, and the flavor can’t be beat.

There’s a little bit of caramel, a little bit of biscuit, and a light body. It’s not quite as thick or heavily caramel as other Marzens could be. Florida Avenue kept it a little bit easier to drink and a little bit more acclimated to a Florida October (or beyond in this instance). But it’s a fantastic beer and I’ve really enjoyed being able to try some of these fun ones from Florida Avenue Brewing.

Will it be made into another art form, say, a video game?

Who knows. Not asking for any reason.

Drink Florida Craft,


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