Brew Review – 3 Wise Guys by Persimmon Hollow @PersimmonHollow

Way back in 1997, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers was founded in San Francisco. I was instantly drawn to them not because of the beers, and not because of their San Francisco Bay Area connection, but for a rather novel and attractive visual design.

Basically, everything was very 1930’s film noir. The one porter of theirs that I had, Payback, featured those dark and mysterious trench coat wearing characters that I find so appealing.

It is, as a point of reference, a complete 180 from most of the cans that come out of the DeLand’s Persimmon Hollow Brewing. Those cans are bright and colorful, full of imagery that may not be tropical, but at least recognizably Florida.

All of which is completely opposite of Three Wise Guys (Coffee Porter, 7.3% ABV), a beer that, at least on first introspection, has a visual style closer to Speakeasy than it does the rest of the Persimmon Hollow portfolio.

There’s still a bit of cheekiness there, with those ‘guys’ being two hop buds and a coffee bean like some sort of Craft Beer Temptations.

I can also reasonably assume that the team at Persimmon Hollow is really into their coffee. Whatever coffee they’re drinking, they sure know the good stuff because they put it into a fantastic coffee beer for beer coffee beer lovers.

The color is rich and dark, with brooding aromas that have a rich roasted coffee lurking in the deep. The flavor was born to accentuate the coffee, with bold roasted notes of dark malt, chicory, and cocoa. All of this serves the mysterious nature of the beer.

It’s a beautiful coffee beer, with just enough chewy body to really settle in and make a brew worth going out of your way to consume.

Should I be frightened of it? Maybe. But if Persimmon Hollow wants to continue down a dark path, who am I to argue?

Drink Florida Craft,


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