Brew Review – Secret Llama Blueberry Wheat by World of Beer and Brew Hub @TheBrewHub @wob_usa

My family is rather partial to llamas.

I mean, they’re llamas. How can you not like them?

They’re like giant fluffy horses with giraffe necks and permanent disapproving scowls.

Llamas are inherently cool.

And if there’s a beer called Secret Llama, you bet your alpaca I’ll be there. But there’s not really a brewery named Secret Llama.

This brand is a house brand from Tampa-based World of Beer, brewed exclusively for them by Brew Hub in Lakeland.

There’s a few different styles under the Secret Llama brand, with me starting with their Blueberry Wheat Ale (Wheat Ale, 5.2% ABV).

Yes, those are blueberries floating in the beer. I didn’t know that there would be blueberries in the beer, I was not aware of this, I don’t necessarily encourage it, that’s just what happened.

The base is a solid wheat ale, a little US-05 yeast used instead of Hefeweizen, bringing with it a very bright and light body with a bit of biscuit and just enough blueberry flavor to give the indication without destroying everything in its path.

It’s a nice, enjoyable and refreshing beer. Easily doable, but only available at World of Beer currently.

Along with the blueberries. But it’s World of Beer, so all is forgiven.

Drink Florida Craft,


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