Brew Review – Maxwell by Bay Cannon Brewing @BayCannonBeer

One of the reasons why I started this humble blog was to enjoy telling the stories behind some of Florida’s great beers.

Not just how they were brewed, which is fun, but when certain breweries release a beer that is named after a location, person, historical event, or something else interesting about the state of Florida, the old history teacher in me really enjoys talking about it.

This is why Bay Cannon Brewing in West Tampa frustrates me to no end.

They are a highlight of the Tampa Bay beer scene, a fantastic brewery, and there is literally nothing I can say about the beers that they release.

Some time ago I featured co-founder Matthew Juaire on the Florida Beer Podcast. He let me in on the secret on how they name their beers. Basically, they have a list of 100 girls names and 100 boys names and when it’s time to release a beer they go and randomly pick one.

How am I supposed to write about that?

Such is with Maxwell (Stout, 7.5% ABV).

Not a whole lot I can talk about there. There’s a wrestler whose name is Maxwell, and there’s the R&B musicians who’s been releasing music for a couple decades, but they’re both from New York.

Nothing really to talk about here but the beer.

That being said, as a beer, I enjoy a good classic stout every once in a while. And that’s exactly what this was. A good classic stout that I just needed.

Almost black in color with a gorgeous caramel brown foamy head (and superb lacing, I may say). There’s also a rich aroma that has tons of dark roasted bread and coffee notes.

The coffee is front and center on the flavor, with a lot of heavy cocoa and chicory notes, deep and roasty with just a touch of bitterness. Coffee bitterness more, not so much hop bitterness.

It’s a simple beer done very, very well, with a simple name that is impossible to discuss. Doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy drinking their beer, I just may not have as much to say.

Drink Florida Craft,


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