Brew Review – Cloud Dweller by Coppertail Brewing

You’ll hear this on an upcoming podcast episode I did with Coppertail Brewing owner Kent Bailey, but Tampa’s love affair with hops borders on the comical.

Yes, hops are in an important ingredient in beer. Yes, I understand that hoppy beers are popular. However, I think the obsession with hops goes a little crazy sometimes.

And it’s occasionally difficult to find beer that practices moderation in bringing in a lot of the flavors without a lot of the excessive bitterness.

Coppertail recently released a beer like this, Cloud Dweller (Hazy IPA, 6.5% ABV).

And with Cloud Dweller, you get a classic recipe with just a little touch of crazy hoppiness to keep things going. The color is on the light orange side, hazy, and with a strong feeling of tangerine and orange in the aroma.

The flavor is where things get really interesting, because this beer skirts the line between an East Coast IPA and a hazy IPA. I’m thankful for that, because it makes the beer a lot more enjoyable. The flavor has a touch of breadiness coming from oats and pilsner malt. Just a little bit, nothing too intense.

The hops, and we need to talk about the hops, were Sabro, BRU-1, and Talus. They give the beer a kiss of the juiciness a hazy IPA is known for, but brings a bit of the hoppiness as well. Neither quality is too strong and neither overpower each other.

It’s a calm, cool, and collected hazy IPA, a really easy drinking beer that doesn’t go crazy in one way or the other. It may not be the alpha acid bomb that some Tampa beer drinkers expect, but it’s one that I’m definitely thankful for.

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