Brew Review – Salt and Lime Lager by Unbranded

Unbranded Brewing is a beast of a facility.

Sure, it’s nestled near the back of a large industrial complex in the more colorful area of Hialeah. In fact, we passed by one of the filming locations for one of my favorite Gente De Zona music videos on the way there.

That giant Hialeah wall is maybe a five-minute walk from the brewery, and clearly needs to be refreshed to its music video glory.

So away we went to record an interview that you will be hearing soon on the Florida Beer Podcast. While meeting owner Zachary Swanson, he took us on a nice tour of both the massive facility they have and the beer they have on tap.

As with every good brewery, the cans that you see in the marketplace are just a very small portion of what they have on tap. That being said, getting a core beer fresh from the brewery is also a thing of beauty, and to my surprise I ordered a fresh pull of their core Salt and Lime Lager (Lager, 5.5% ABV, 13 IBU).

Yes, I’m sure you’ll think margarita.

I was actually a little bit more interested in the lager part, and they have the space, the time, and the talent to pull off a solid clean drinking lager.

There’s a nice bright yellow color, with a little bit of toasted malty character and a nicely rounded aftertaste.

The salt and lime are present, the lime more so. Citrus tends to bully sometimes, especially when the malt bill that was used was so simple and gentle, but here they use just enough to give it that electric sweetness and not so much that it comes off like a limeade.

There was a definite tartness, and you can smell a little bit of lime in the aroma and a lot of taste drinking the beer. But it’s just the right amount to where it allows everything else to exist.

The salt gives an interesting mineral tang that doesn’t cancel the lime out, and it doesn’t overpower the malt, but it ends up giving a more meaty taste that everything else can build on.

It’s a simple, refreshing beer. And if you’re faced with a long day of drinking, which I was when we visited, it’s a perfect starting off point.

I’m not upset with my decision, and part of me is happy to know that I will be able to find this in cans around South Florida.

I do need to come back get a picture in front of that Hialeah wall, though.

Drink Florida Craft,


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