Brew Review – Clermont Champions Lager by Suncreek Brewery

There’s a fairly common cadence to Saturday mornings in the Central Florida triathlete community.

Stop one is to head to Universal to do 1 or 2 km in the water at Doc Lucky’s Lake Swim (and if you know, yes, I am on the wall).

There are some people that leave their cars and jump on a bike, but most of us grabbed our bikes and headed to Winter Garden to ride the West Orange Trail.

Once on the trail, you can go east and take the easy route to Apopka. If you want more of a challenge, however, go west where Orange County turns in to Lake County and the trail becomes a lot more hilly and a lot more difficult.

Taking this route, we generally finished up and turned around at Waterfront Park on Lake Minneola in the lovely town of Clermont.

Clermont, and Lake County in general, is home to a surprisingly massive athletic culture. There’s a huge state-of-the-art training facility there, and it’s also home to many different events including the (correctly named) Horrible Hundred bike race.

When I heard that Suncreek Brewery was opening in Clermont, it took me back to my once and hopefully future cycling days and my hope that Suncreek will mention the athletics somehow. And they did, creating a beer to honor Clermont’s rather extensive athletic prowess with Clermont Champions Lager (Lager, 4.3% ABV, 27 IBU).

Heck, the entire label is taken up by a massive, multicolor peloton of cyclists.

This beer, like any good endurance athlete, is built to be strong, solid, and go the distance. It’s got a beautiful orange color and an absolutely crystal clear complexion. The aroma has an intoxicating bready quality to it with a light touch of apple and lemon.

The flavor hits big with toasty bready, biscuit flavors and some citrusy tangerine and lemon notes, along with a slightly floral hop character. It’s a beer that has a little bit for everybody, and if you’re the kind of person that loves to have a beer or two at the end of a long endurance event, this is definitely something to try.

While endurance athletics may not be for everybody, it’s definitely good to cheer on those that decided to take the plunge and the commitment, and I am happy to see Suncreek Brewery celebrate those that do.

Makes me want to get back on the bike, though.

Drink Florida Craft,


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