Brew Review – Huck If Ya Buck by Funky Buddha Brewery

It has been a long time since I’ve actually gone to the Funky Buddha Brewery brewery.

Actually, my wife and I were reminiscing about hanging out there years ago, finding a pint glass with the name of the brewery on it and dropping in for a tour (with Adrian!) one lazy weekend afternoon.

In that time they have grown. My, how they have grown.

And while it’s easy to see all the changes they’ve made to their classic lineups and standard releases, I sometimes lose track of the fact that they still have people there doing small one-off special releases only for the Oakland Park Taproom.

And so what did a large group of us do after an afternoon of drinking Mezcal?

Went to Funky Buddha, of course.

Partially because they have food and partially, of course, beer.

While I was tempted to stick to the straight and narrow, a particular hazy called to me, Huck If Ya Buck (Hazy IPA, 6.3% ABV, 35 IBU).

So here we have a hazy IPA, not a style that Funky Buddha does a ton of, as they seem to have found their niche of lighter wheat and session ales along with big heavy desert beers.

With this one, treated because of course, they went with huckleberries and blueberries, then dry hopped with Sabro and Galaxy.

It was the Sabro and Galaxy dry hopping that I was actually more interested in, since that is bound to give it a solid tropical sweetness on the back end. The sweetness was there, a little dry and muted since the adjuncts editions of huckleberry and blueberry tended to take over a bit.

This isn’t necessarily a sour ale, but it walked a fine line between the juicy, almost creamy citrus of a hazy IPA and the tartness you come to expect from a berry-treated sour ale. It’s got a bit of an electric tang, a nice fruity sweetness, and a body that is light and simple.

It reminds me of a lot of the beers Funky Buddha used to make when I went there on a more regular basis. Perhaps that is my fault that I have not gone recently. But if the beers coming out of Oakland Park or anything like this, they are beers that definitely should be enjoyed on site a little bit more often.

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