Brew Review – Dunkel Octoberfest by Khoffner Brewery

That’s right kids, Oktoberfest.

A fresh pour of Oktoberfest.

A recently brewed Oktoberfest, consumed in May.

There is nothing stating that you can’t brew an Oktoberfest beer in the middle of the spring, Rauf Khoffner knows this, and I celebration for that fact.

The best part is this isn’t just any Oktoberfest, but a Dunkel Octoberfest (Dunkelweizen, 6% ABV, 26 IBU) that I discover is my beloved Dunkelweizen hiding out!

Brewing a Dunkelweizen in Florida is rarely done at all. And naming it an Octoberfest not in Sept./Oct. is completely unheard of.

And they’re remarkable.

This is one of my absolute favorite styles, because it does a number of things all the same time and all very well. You get interesting roasted notes that are reminiscent of a traditional darker style, toasty but still light enough to where it’s fluffy.

You also have the slight tang of a fruity beer, but without excessive fruitiness. Not so far as to be a sour, but just enough to give it a nice little dimension. And being a Hefeweizen, you also have that slight kiss of banana and funky spice.

In all, those flavors coming together makes for an absolutely fantastic beer, and for people that can get past the Oktoberfest moniker (which frankly enough should be everybody), you are rewarded with one of the most complex and refreshing beer styles out in there.

The best thing was, that wasn’t the only Oktoberfest on the menu. In May. It’s literally one of my favorite styles in literally one of the best places to go for beer. Just for reasons like that.

If only more brewers would do this more often.

Any time of year.

Drink Florida Craft,


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