Brew Review – Mill Pond Dirty Blonde by Oyster City

If you need a success story in the North Florida craft beer industry, you need to take a look at Oyster City.

This brewery from Apalachicola is quickly becoming a powerhouse. Expanding distribution, taking over the old Grasslands brewery in Tallahassee as their second location, and even expanding out of state.

Slowly but surely, will Oyster City take over the sunshine state?

I don’t know, we’ll see.

But you will eventually see their unique tap handles everywhere you go. The tap handle, actually a cheap metal oyster sizing tool with their logo in the center, should be synonymous with great beer, especially since I have had yet to try a beer of theirs that I have not liked.

But it’s been a little while since I’ve tried their beers since my supply has run out and I have not found them close to me.

Until now.

Since distribution looks like it is starting to become a little bit more expansive with their beers apparently, I’m able to revisit beers like their Mill Pond Dirty Blonde (Blonde Ale, 5.5% ABV).

While not their signature beer (hopefully I will discuss that on draft at a later time), Mill Pond is a great classic beer for an easy drinking session.

It’s a light,slightly orange color, with a crisp and snappy nose of 2-row malt and a little bit of orange. The flavor is nice and simple. There’s maybe the faintest hint of an earthy hop, but this is more of a biscuit and honey sweetness that comes from the grain more so than anything else. It’s got a crisp bite that finishes very clean.

Trust me, if you want crazy, Oyster City will go crazy, I promise you. But they also go nice and smooth and I’m happy to see those are coming into much wider distribution. Hopefully I will be able to get more of their beers soon.

And a tap handle, I need a tap handle.

Drink Florida Craft,


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