Brew Review – Tropical Hefe by 3 Daughters

I will admit, I love 3 Daughters regardless, I will try any of their products, but this beer attracted me not so much because of the beer or the brewery, but the label art.

It is dripping with the post-World War II faux-Polynesia that may only have a fleeting attachment to reality, but is still oddly satisfying in a ‘Disney’s Polynesian Resort’ sort of way.

The other reason I wanted to try the beers because it’s a hefeweizen. As much as hefeweizens are good, and as much as banana is the traditional flavor, they tend to not get a ton of love when it comes to treatments.

Wheat ales, absolutely. I can find fruit treated wheat ales all the live long day. Hefeweizens, not as much. That’s why I was so excited to try Tropical Hefe (Hazy Wheat, 4.6% ABV, 10 IBU).

When poured out of that lovely, lovely can, the beer explodes with sweet pineapple aromas and a clean and crystal clear view.

Drinking gave me the tropical serenade that I was desperately hoping for. There are big flavors of pineapple, melon, orange, and lemon. It also continues with a light floral hoppiness along with a touch of sweet malt flavors. It all makes this a beer that is not only worthy of the wonderfully Polynesian can art, but worthy of repeat drinking as well.

Unfortunately, this may be a release seasonal at best, temporary at worst, which makes me sad. Is it accurate? Don’t care. I just want my tiki cans more often.

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